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As an accomplished professional with a diverse background, I bring a unique

blend of international experience and entrepreneurial success to my role as an

Associate at EP Talent Search. Raised in the vibrant landscape of Tanzania, I

embarked on a journey that spans continents, educational achievements, and

business ventures.

My academic pursuits led me to the United Kingdom, where I graduated from

Buckingham University at the age of 20 with a Bachelor of Science in Business.

Upon completing my studies, I assumed the helm of our family hotel business in

Tanzania, demonstrating my leadership capabilities at an early stage in my


For six years, I directed the growth and operations of the family business.

Subsequently, I ventured into establishing a remote facilities management

enterprise to diversify our services. This initiative addressed the unique needs of

large companies operating in the remote corners of Tanzania. The expansion into

remote facilities management marked a pivotal moment, and with a team of 450

professionals, we achieved an impressive annual turnover of 8 million USD.

While my roots remained in Tanzania, my professional journey has afforded me

the opportunity to work with individuals from diverse cultures and religions.

Drawing from this rich experience, I expanded my horizons to the Middle East,

gaining valuable insights into global business dynamics. Currently based in

Spain, I continue to bring a global perspective to my work, leveraging my

multicultural background for effective collaboration in the international business


In my ongoing dedication to the business I established in Tanzania, I presently

serve in an emeritus role within the organisation. Transitioning from the active

role of CEO, I now hold an advisory and honorary position. As an emeritus CEO,

my responsibilities involve offering guidance and counsel to the current

leadership team and board of directors, leveraging my extensive experience and

expertise. Although I have relinquished day-to-day operational responsibilities, I

remain actively engaged in meetings, contributing strategic insights, and serving

as a mentor to the new leadership.

Fluent in English, French, and Swahili, my linguistic abilities reflect my

commitment to effective communication across borders. Furthermore, as a

certified coach specialising in leadership development and communication, I

bring a strategic and insightful approach to my work.

As an Associate at EP Talent Search, I am dedicated to leveraging my extensive

background to identify and recruit top-tier talent for our clients. My passion for

leadership development and cross-cultural understanding aligns seamlessly with

the values of our organisation, enabling me to contribute meaningfully to the

success of both candidates and companies.

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