Interim Solutions

“An interim professional is always needed yesterday rather than today, which is why I try to present a suitable candidate within 72 hours.”

The moment a key position/person within an organisation unexpectedly falls away, the urgency of finding a suitable replacement increases. You know better than anyone that especially within the Agri&Food sector this is not always easy. That is why my role in finding an interim professional is so important. Because I spend a substantial part of my time maintaining my network and know most Agri&Food companies, I can often present a suitable candidate within 72 hours. Because as an entrepreneur, I understand like no other that you need the interim professional yesterday rather than today. It just has to happen as quickly as possible.


However, the fact that an interim professional is needed quickly does not mean that you can get inferior quality. Because I work exclusively in the Agri&Food sector, I only present candidates that I know are suitable and will fit within your organisation. After a careful briefing and possibly drawing up the job profile, I will approach people from my network. I select on a suitable match and of course the availability of the candidate. Because I work exclusively in the Agri & Food sector, I only supply candidates of whom I know they are suitable, available and would fit within your organisation. Because my top priority is to discreetly fill the position with a suitable candidate as quickly as possible.