Ellen Pütz Talent Search

Your partner for finding the right candidate in the Agri & Food sector

Executive Search

Searching for a suitable candidate with the right talents and competences, not just a matching CV.

Interim Oplossingen

An interim professional is always needed yesterday rather than today, which is why I try to present a suitable candidate within 72 hours.

MBI Begeleiding

The combination of executive searcher, entrepreneur and my background in financial services make me the ideal partner in management buy ins (MBI).

About Ellen Pütz

Finding a candidate who not only fulfils the role well but also fits within the organisation requires a different way of working. As a recruiter I am more of an "out of the box" thinker and I work proactively to find the right talents. That is why this work suits me so well. Because of my broad background in the Agri&Food sector, as an entrepreneur and as coach/leadership trainer, I quickly see through the needs of an organisation, which consists of a group of people/individuals. This allows me to really make a difference for an organisation. Finding the right candidates is people work and has to be done in the right way.

"I am more than a recruiter who fills vacancies. I really look at who is the right person with the right talents and competences and how they can make the organisation better and fit into the team. Because of my background as an entrepreneur and coach, among other things, I quickly see what is going on in an organisation and which talents are needed. That makes all the difference."

Future focused

I am specialised in the Agri&Food sector because, with the right talents, it can make a real contribution to the sustainability and environment of our planet. Characteristically, I deliver results in both the short and long term. Within the Agri&Food sector, looking towards the future is extremely important, and I find the idea that I can add something to that very motivating.


Mijn hulp wordt niet zomaar ingeschakeld. Binnen een organisatie moet op hoog niveau een passend teamlid komen. Deze persoon moet passen binnen de organisatie en gaan bijdragen aan het succes op korte en vooral langere termijn. En om de juiste mensen te vinden en te enthousiasmeren voor de organisatie, zet ik altijd een stapje extra. Ik ga altijd voor de 100%. En dat ziet u terug in de resultaten.

More than the usual

With EP Talent Search you get more. More knowledge, more guidance, more results. The reason I can offer this is because of my broad background. I have a lot of experience in executive search, entrepreneurship and a good network in the Agri&Food sector, from food production to investment goods. I regularly receive feedback that my enthusiasm, 'out of the box' approach (such as candidates that clients hadn't thought of themselves), combined with professionalism, have really made a difference. That is exactly what I do it for.

What you see is what you get

Without clear communication, we will get nowhere. This is why I find it important to make a clear plan of action before I start working. The advantage of a clear and transparent plan of action is that my client can see my working method in advance and comment on it. In this way, I can start working with full commitment. The strength of EP Talent Search also lies in the fact that I execute every process myself. Every step is done by me. In this way, the quality remains high so that I can deliver the result that is most needed for your organisation.

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