Executive Search

"Searching for a suitable candidate with the right talents and competences, not just a matching CV."

In today’s economy, finding, motivating and retaining the right people within an organisation is more important than ever. These are not always people with the perfect CV, but exactly the people who understand how the market works, are willing to immerse themselves in my client’s company and have the right talents. They fit the organisation and really contribute to long-term success. These are the people that I want to find for you and in doing so make the right match with your company, leading to your satisfaction and a long-term relationship with EP Talent Search.

I approach my entire working method in a personal and transparent manner. Therefore, during the first meeting not only my services are discussed, but I also get to know the organisation itself. What is the mission and vision. What does the onboarding process look like and how is the department structured. This way, I get a complete overview of the organisation and I can place someone who really fits within the organisation. Have I gathered enough information? Then we will have a look at who is needed. What is the real job profile and what competences are needed to fulfil the open assignment. Based on my own entrepreneurial experience and role as a coach, I can provide optimal guidance and advice in this regard. That makes all the difference. Someone can be the perfect match on paper, but in practice this can sometimes be quite disappointing. It is and remains people work. It takes more than the perfect CV.

In order to find suitable candidates, I proactively approach people. Simply posting a vacancy in public and waiting to see who comes forward is not my way of working. By approaching people from my network myself, I can quickly introduce an exclusive group of candidates that I know are suitable. This all happens under the radar because I often deal with candidates who are in between jobs or who are not publicly looking for a new position. But because I work with people at the top every day and maintain my contacts energetically, I am always aware of what is going on and who I can approach.

Based on my search, I make an exclusive selection of 3 to a maximum of 5 candidates. These are all people of whom I know that they are suitable for filling the vacant position. They are all personally scanned and interviewed by me. Should additional assessments be necessary, I can offer them from EP Talent Search in order to further fine-tune the entire trajectory. And the nice thing is, for all parties involved, this all happens from within me. What you see is what you get. By carrying out every process personally, giving 100% effort, communicating openly, and in addition having the necessary experience as an entrepreneur, I know for sure that I will make the difference for your organisation. Successfully completing your team and building on the future. That is what I am here for.