MBI Guidance

"The combination of me as an executive searcher, entrepreneur and my background in financial services sets me apart."

When you have made the choice to buy into an organisation, communication with the selling party is extremely important. It is still too often forgotten that someone has to say goodbye to his or her company, which this person may have built up from scratch. And that is exactly where some guidance is needed. By offering customised coaching before I start looking for a suitable company, better deals are made and the entire process becomes a lot more pleasant for both parties.

For a successful MBI trajectory, I always start by getting information about yourself. Choosing to be an entrepreneur and buying yourself into an organisation can quickly sound appealing. But ask yourself the question: if you buy in and opt for a monthly management fee, are you then an entrepreneur or an entrepreneurial? During my MBI processes, I really hold up a mirror to you. I look, for example, at how democratic you are in your way of thinking, why you choose to go down this road in the first place, where your risk appetite lies, how decisive you are. But also the communication part between both parties. Making sure that your enthusiasm and the parting of ways from the other party are well combined into a successful and enjoyable process. Not only in the short term, but also in the longer term. Only when this is in place will I start looking for a suitable company. Not the other way round.